Somebody Buy Me A Drink

Words & Music by Oscar Brown, Jr.
Recorded by Oscar Peterson, Jr., 1960

E7  	Am    G           F7       E7
The other night, I was on Skid Row

   	Am      G           F7       E7
By a liquor store sign's garrish glow;

   Am    G       F7       E7     Dm7       F7   E7  Am
I saw a fellow I used to know a long, long time a - go.

E7  	Am            G              F7     E7
He stood with the lost, with the living dead,

      Am      G             F7      E7
With rumpled clothes and a reeling head,

   Am          G      F7        E7       Dm7   F7    E7  Am
Reviewing the wasted life he'd lead, and as I passed he said,

        Am          G           F7       E7
"Let me tell you a story that's sad but true

   	  Am          G         F7          E7
About someone who just may remind you of you

        Am        G              F7        E7          Dm7  Fdim E7
Let me tell you a tale that may help you awake a woozy head --

F7       E7         Am
Somebody buy me a drink.

     Am          G       F7    E7
"It begins long ago on a happy day,

        Am            G          F7          E7
With a fool who was loved, but threw it all away,

         Am           G         F7           E7         Dm7  Fdim E7
Who exchanged a good home for a flophouse, a bar and a plank --

F7       E7         Am
Somebody buy me a drink.


          Dm       F7               Am  
"Well, to see me today, when I have hit the skids,

Dm                 F7         Am
Who would think I once had a fine wife and kids?

     Dm         F7            Am          Am7
Yes, I was that fool, after treasure and pleasure,

    Dm              F7              Bm7-5        E7
And love was just a game played with some other dame.

      Am                G     F7            E7
"Now there's only one thing I feel certain of:

    Am        G            F7      E7
The only true treasure in life is love.

         Am         G         F7              E7          Dm7  Fdim E7
Without someone to love and love you, see how low you can sink?

F7       E7         Am
Somebody buy me a drink,

F7        E7       Fdim Bm7-5 E7  Am
Somebody, somebody, buy   me  a drink."

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