Somebody Loves Me

Words & Music by B.G.DeSylva, Ballard MacDonald & George Gershwin, 1924
Recorded by Erroll Garner, 1944

G    Dm7   Dm   G7   C
Somebody loves me...

          F7    C
I wonder who?

         F7  Dm7 G7  C   Gdim   D7
I wonder who she can be.

C     Dm7   Dm G7      C
Somebody loves me -

          D7     Em
I wish I knew.

Cdim       F#m7  B7    Em    B+   Em7
Who she can be worries me.


    A7    Dm       Gm6    Dm
For ev'ry girl who passes me

   Gm6         Dm Dm+7
I shout, "Hey, maybe

Am7-5      D7    Am7-5   D7    G7       G+
You were meant to be my lovin' baby."

 C   Dm7  Dm   G7     C
Somebody loves me...

I wonder who?

C   C/B  Dm7 G7    C     Dm7   C
May   -   be it's you.

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