Some Of these Days

Words & Music by Shelton Brooks
Recorded by Sophie Tucker, 191

G              B7                      Em
Some of these days, you'll miss your honey,

G              B7                   Em
Some of these days, you'll feel so lonely.

               E7                       A7
You'll miss my hugging, you'll miss my kisses --

       Em7      A7     Em7      A7   D7
You'll miss me, Honey, when you go away.

          G       G7              C
I feel so lonely     just for you only,

              E7                     Am   Am7/G
For you know, Honey, you've had your way.

    B7       C         Gdim                 G    F7  E7
And when you leave me,      I know you'll grieve me;

       A7               D7                   G    
You'll miss your little honey some of these days.

This song is certainly among the oldest in my collection, appearing to have first been recorded by "the last of the red hot mamas" in San Francisco in 1911. Tucker had an amazing career. Her recordings appear on original Edison cylinders (this song among them), and she appeared on television at least as late as Ed Sullivan's show in December, 1964. This song, in particular, became her acknowledged theme song -- and was one of very few from that era written by a black yet recorded by, and accepted by, the world at large. Brooks was far from a one-hit wonder, himself -- you may also remember another of his tunes called "Darktown Strutters Ball."

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