So Rare

Words & Music by John Rufus Sharpe & Jerry Herst
Recorded by Jimmy Dorsey (1957)
Previously Recorded by Gus Arnheim (#2, 1937) and by Guy Lombardo (#3, 1937)

E7+ A(6)        Cdim      E9          E7-9      A6
So rare, you're like the fragrance of blossoms fair,

 C9                   F6    E9                   Cm7   F#7-9
Sweet as a breath of air, fresh with the morning dew.

Bm7  E7-9  E7+ A(6)        Cdim      E9        E7-9     A6

Oh, you're so rare, you're like the sparkle of old champagne-
  C9               F6           E9         A6  D9  A6

Orchids in cellophane couldn't compare to you, to you.


A6          Bm7-5    E7           AM7   A6
You are perfection,     you're my idea

           Bm7-5       E7     AM7    A6
Of angels singin' the "Ave Maria."

                G#m  C#7                 F#       F#6
For you're an angel,      I breathe and live you

            F#m7         B9         Bm7-5     E7
With every beat of the heart that I give you.

E7-9  A(6)    Cdim   C9        E7-9      A6
So  rare, this is a heaven on earth we share,

C9                  F6    E9       E9+ E7+  A6
Caring the way we care, ours is a love so rare.

Repeat Bridge: 

Repeat last verse


E9         E9+ E7+  A6   E9       E9+  E7+  A6
Ours is a love so rare, ours is a love so rare.

You get the feeling, listing to this song, that Dorsey's band is trying valiently to retain a toehold in a musical world that was turning increasingly to rock, in the hopes that the big band sound could survive. It didn't, however; this was just about the last of the big-band hits. The Dorsey version was, as I recall, strictly instrumental except for the bridge, so obviously this arrangement is a synthesis of numerous versions I've heard over the years.

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