Southern Nights

Words & Music by Allen Toussaint
Recorded by Glen Campbell, 1977 (#1)

Intro:  | G - D - E7 - D9 | A - G - A7 - A7sus4 |

D              Fdim B7                      E7/9
Southern nights        have you ever felt a Southern night 

GM7        G6           A6/7/9       A7
Free as a breeze not to mention the trees

A7sus4    F#m            Bm7           Em7  G/B  A7sus4  A7+5
Whistling tunes that you know and love so.

D              Fdim B7                      E7/9
Southern nights       just as good even when closed your eyes

   GM7  G6   A6/7/9     A7
I apologize
  A7sus4 F#m               Bm7        Em7            A7
to  any  one who can truly say he has found a better way, 

Hey hey.

D              Fdim B7                        E7/9
Southern skies --      have you ever noticed Southern skies?

GM7           G6         A6/7/9           A7
It's precious beauty lies just beyond the eye

         F#m              Bm7            Em7   G/B  A7sus4   A7+5
It goes running thru your soul like the stories of   old.

D      Fdim B7                             E7/9
Old man        he and his dog they walk the old land

GM7           G6   A6/7/9      A7
Ev'ry flower touches his cold hand

A7sus4  F#m          Bm7         Em7     A7       D6
 As he slowly walked by, weeping willows cry for joy, joy.

D            Fdim   B7                                                                  
Feel so good  --      feel so good it's fright'ning

E7/9        Fdim  E7/9
Wish I could           stop this world from fighting

GM7        G6              A6/7/9        A7
La dah dah dahhh dahhhh dot dah dah dah dahhh dahhh

  A7sus4        F#m             Bm7     Em7   A7   A7sus4
Dot dah dah dot dahhh  dah dot dahhhh

D        Fdim B7                        E7/9 
Mysteries       like this and many other in the trees

GM7          G6     A7         A7sus4      D
Blow in the night        in the Southern skies

CODA:     |  G - D - E7 - D9  |  A - G - A - A7+5  |  D6  |

In all honesty, the intro and Copa that I show here are probably not all that close to what Glen Campbell plays. It will, however, put you close enough to the neighborhood that you may be able to figure it out for yourself. If you do, feel free to let me know.

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