Star Dust

Words & Music by Mitchell Parish & Hoagy Carmichael, 1929
Recorded by Nat "King" Cole, 1943
Featured in the 1993 movie "Sleepless In Seattle"

G9      G      G+7    G         C9
And now the purple dusk of twilight time

 B7                              E     E-9    E     E7  
Steals across the meadows of my heart.

 Am            Cm       G      G/F#    Em
High up in the sky the little stars climb,

 F#       F#7             D    Fdim  D7 
Always reminding me that we're  a - part.

	G9      G        G+7      G   C9
You wandered down the lane and far away.

 B7                              E   E-9  E   E7 
Leaving me a song that will not die. 

 Am              Cm          G  G/F# Em
Love is now the stardust of yes-ter-day,

    D7    Gdim      Am7  Cdim  G   Cm   G
The music  of  the years gone  by.


G+7   G   G9 CM7    C     Am       C         F 
Sometimes I wonder why I spend the lonely night

 F7			   G      G/F#   Em  Bm7-5    E7
Dreaming of a song.   The mel-o-dy haunts my reverie,              

   Am7    E7  Fdim        Am7    Fdim   Am
And I am once again with you.

          D  Fdim  D7           D+      G6     D+  G6  
When our love was new, and each kiss an in-spi-ra-tion,

     A9           G    A7           G
But that was long ago; now my consolation 

D7        Am7      C    D7     D+
Is in the stardust of a song.

   CM7    C     Am        C            F7
Beside a garden wall when stars are bright, 

Fm7/9		     G   G/F#    Em  Bm7-5            E7
You are in my arms; the nightingale tells his fairy tale

   Am7    E7       Fdim     Am7     Fdim     Am
Of par-a-dise where ro-ses grew.

		 D   A7  D7          G    G/F# Em   B+  F#7   B7
Though I dream in vain, in my heart  it  will re-main:

   C		 C/B    E7  Am7	
My stardust mel-o-dy

        D7     Cdim  Cdim(IV)   G    Am7 alt   Cm    G6
the memory of love's   re  -  frain.

I have seen this song referred to as the best song ever written and given Cole's rendering of this song, there is no way I would disagree with that assessment -- and I simply cannot believe that it ranked no higher than #79 in its 1957 release, but I can't find proof to the contrary. The song was recorded constantly over the years, and with great success, but a huge number of performers, including:
- Artist: Nat King Cole
- peak Billboard position #79 in 1957
- originally written as "Star Dust" in 1927
- charted in 1930 by Irving Mills (#20)
- charted in 1931 by Isham Jones (#1), Bing Crosby (#5), Louis Armstrong (#16), Wayne King (#17), and Lee Sims (#20).
- charted in 1935 by Jimmie Lunceford (#10).
- charted in 1936 by Benny Goodman (#2) and Tommy Dorsey (#8).
- charted in 1939 by Sammy Kaye (#16).
- charted in 1941 by Artie Shaw (#2), Tommy Dorsey (#7), and Glenn Miller (#20).
- charted in 1943 by Baron Elliot (#18) and Tommy Dorsey (#23).
- charted in 1957 by Billy Ward and His Dominoes featuring Jackie Wilson (#12).
- charted in 1962 by Frank Sinatra (#98)
- charted in 1964 by Nino Temple and April Stevens (#32).
(Historical information from Lyrics World)

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