Stranger On the Shore

Words by Robert Mellin, Music by Mr. Acker Bilk
Recorded by Andy Williams, 1962 (#38)

D        G/B Em7  D            DM7     G    Gm7
Here I stand,   watching the tide go out,

   D     F#m      Bm  Bm7      Em7      G/B        A7
So all alone and blue,    just dreaming dreams of you.

   D            G/B Em7    D         DM7     G    Gm7
I watched your ship    as it sailed out to sea

D     F#m      Bm   Bm7   Em7    G/B     D   D7
Taking all my dreams  and taking all of me.


     G              F#m
The sighing of the waves

     Em7    G/B       D    D7    
The wailing of the wind

      G              F#m
The tears in my eyes burn

    E7                 A7
Pleading, "My love, return"

D        G/B Em7     D   DM7       G    Gm7
Why, oh, why    must I go on like this?

      D     F#m   Bm    Bm7   Em7   G/B      D
Shall I just be a lone - ly stranger on the shore?

*This recording was a vocal-added-later version of the song which the composer had taken to #1 as an instrument just a couple of months earlier.

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