Stranger In Paradise

Words & Music by Robert Wright & George Forrest*
Recorded by Tony Bennett, 1953
From the Broadway musical "Kismet"

Dm7          G9                    CM7          CM7/6
Take my hand,    I'm a stranger in paradise,

Dm7          G9           Fm               CM7             CM7/6
All lost in a wonderland,    a stranger in paradise.

            Dm7        G9                       CM7     CM7/6
If I stand starry-eyed,     that's a danger in paradise

     Am6         Dm7         Fm    G9         C  
For mortals who stand beside   an angel like you.


           G#7            C#
I saw your face, and I ascended

            Bm6       C7          Fm
Out of the commonplace   into the rare.

              E7             A
Somewhere in space I hang suspended

         Dm7            G9        CM7
Until I know there's a chance you care.

          Edim        Dm7          G9                  CM7       CM7/6
Won't you answer the fervent prayer   of a stranger in paradise?

                  Dm7         G9                 CM7          CM7/6
Don't send me in dark despair    from all that I hunger for,

               D7       G9                      Em7          Edim
But open your angel arms    to this stranger in paradise

                 Dm7         Fm    G9          C   
And tell him that he need be    a stranger no more.

Although the words and music are credited to Robert Wright and George Forrest, the song is based on a theme by Alexander Borodin in "Prince Igor."

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