Summer Me, Winter Me

Words & Music by Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman & Michel LeGrand
Recorded by Frank Sinatra, 1979
Theme from the 1962 movie "Picasso Summer"

D          D6             DM7        D6
Summer me, winter me, and with your kisses, 

Am7         A7          Em7        A7   
Morning me, evening me, and as the world slips 

D         Bm7         G      A7       D    Bm7    G    A7
Far away, star away, forever me with love.

F          F6         F          F6
Wonder me, wander me, then by a fire 

Cm7          C7           Gm7        C7
Pleasure me, peaceful me, and in the silence 

F        F6         B7                E    Em7
Quietly, whisper me, forever me with love.


   A7              D           D6
And ev'ry day I'll gentle you, tender you,

   DM7      D6      Am7         A7
And oh, the way I'll velvet you, clover you,

    Em7      A7      D           D6
I'll wrap you up and ribbon you, rainbow you,

   Em7              Am7    Cdim
And shower you with shine!

GM7        G6        Em              Em7
Suddenly, magically,   we found each other;

F#m            F#m+7       Bm           Bm7
There we were, here we are -- I plan to let you 

Em        B+         Em7        A7-9       D
Happy me, summer me, winter me, always be mine.

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