Summer Sweetheart

Words & Music by Fred Ebb & Paul Klein
Recorded by The Ames Brothers, 1956

 G                B7
Tell me that you love me,

        Em             G7
Say I'm not a summer sweetheart,

 C      Am7       G    G/F#  Em     Em7    A7   Cdim
Left to cry when sum - mer  laugh - ter's gone,  and

G                B7
Tell me that you need me

        Em             G7
Say I'm not a summer sweetheart

C   C/B   Am7 Am7/G D6    D9  Am7  Cdim G   
Left a - lone with  win - ter com - ing on.

 G  Cdim Dm7 G        G9      G7     
And tell me when the beach umbrella's

Cdim    C    CM7/6     CM7
Are no longer on  the sand,

      Em         A7     Em   Esus4 Em
When leaves fall on the ten - nis court,

 D9    Em   B+ Em7 Cdim D7   D+
We'll still be hand in hand, oh,

G                B7
Let me hear you say

            Em             G7
Though we began as summer sweethearts --

C  C/B   Am7  Edim  G   Am7  D9  G  E7
We found love that nev - er will be old.

D7  G    Am7  D9   G   A9    A  Am7  Cdim  G
A  sum - mer love that nev - er will grow cold.

*Requested by recent visitor Denis Hirson

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