Sunday, Monday or Always

Words & Music by Johnny Burke & Jimmy Van Heusen
Recorded by Bing Crosby, 1943, in the movie "Dixie"

Dm7                G7
Won't you tell me when

CM7            Am
We will meet again,

Dm7       G7         C      Gdim
Sunday, Monday or always?

Dm7              G7
If you're satisfied,

CM7              Am
I'll be at your side,

Dm7      G7       Gm7    C7
Sunday, Monday or always.


Fm7         G7
No need to tell me now what

CM7                 Am
Makes the world go round,

Gdim        Fm7
When at the sight of you,

   Em7              A7       A7+5
My heart begins to pound and pound.

     Dm7         G7
And what am I to do?

CM7              Am
Can't I be with you

Dm7      G7      Gdim             A7
Sunday, Monday or always?


Dm7      G7       C
Sunday, Monday or always?

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