The Sweetest Sounds

Words & Music by Richard Rodgers
Recorded by Sarah Vaughan, 1963*
From the 1962 Broadway musical "No Strings"

Am  Fdim  Am  Am+7        Dm    D9      
The sweet-est sounds I'll ever hear 

    E7      E7-5    Am
Are still inside my head

Am  Fdim Am  Am+7        Dm   D9       
The kind-est words I'll ever know 

     E      E7     Am
Are waiting to be said

Am  Fdim Am   Am+7    Dm      D9     
The most en-trancing sight of all 

   E7     E7-5   C   C7
Is yet for me to see

         F      Cdim    Dm7      C
And the dearest love in all the world 

     F       G7          C
Is waiting somewhere for me

F             G        Em7      A7                   
Is waiting somewhere, waiting somewhere,

F         G          C
Waiting, waiting for me.

*This particular arrangement probably owes as much, or more, to the Helen O'Connell version recorded shortly before her death from cancer.

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