Sweet Lorraine

Words & Music by Mitchell Parish & Cliff Burwell, 1928
Recorded by Nat 'King' Cole, 1940

D     G   Dm6   E7   A7        D9         Em    C7  B7
I've just found joy;    I'm as happy as a baby boy 

     Bm7-5             E7        A7    D7
With another brand new choo-choo toy

         Am7      D7       Bm7    E7   Am7    D7
When I'm with my sweet Lorraine.

   G   Dm6 E7   A7          D9              Em      C7  B7
A pair of eyes     that are bluer than the summer skies;

        Bm7-5              E7        A7    D7
When you see them you will re - al - ize

      Am7      D7       G      G/A  G/B
Why I love my sweet Lorraine.


C                 E7       Am      C7
When it's raining I don't miss the sun,

F              E7         Am    C7
For it's in my sweetie's smile.

F                  E7       Am7   D7
Just to think that I'm the lucky one

F                  E7      A7-5
Who will lead her down the aisle.

D7    G   Dm6 E7   A7        D9              Em      C7  B7
Each night I pray     that nobody steals her heart away,

           Bm7-5           E7        A7    D7
Just can't wait until that hap - py day

       Am7    D7       G    Am7   G - D9   G
When I marry sweet Lorraine.

One published source I have seen states that this song -- among the earliest of many huge hits for Cole -- only got performed because a rather insistent drunk demanded that Cole's trio play it one night at a Los Angeles club. The response was so strong that it influenced Cole to change his style; up until then, he had been almost exclusively a non-singing pianist.

I want to thank my cyber-friend Tony C. for putting me on to this song...I had overlooked it for years. Thanks, too, to Bill for identifying the full names of the authors for me.

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