Swingin' Shepherd Blues

Words & Music by Rhoda Roberts, Kenny Jacobson & Moe Koffman
Recorded by Moe Koffman, 1957

A7   Em7 A7  D      A6   D
A - long a  moun - tain pass

      G      D   A6   D
There is a patch of grass

G          D      A6   D           D6      D7
Where the swing - in' shep - herd plays a tune;

      G        Fdim(III)  G
His sheep nev -   er    stray,

 G         Fdim(III) G
Danc - in'    all   day

Gdim              D       Em7  Fdim  D   Cdim
Til they see the pale and yel - low moon,

     B7       A7  Em7/9  A7
And then he leads  his  flock

    Em7         Gdim Cdim A7
And home - ward they all rock

A - A9   A   D   D7       G     Gm7  A - A7  A7/6   D
To      the tune of the swing - in' shep  -  herd blues.

D9    A7    D9     G
Come home, shep - herd,

D      A7  D6/9     A7   D7
Play those haunt - ing trills;

G6  Fdim(III) G      Fdim
Come   home,  shep - herd,

D      F#m      Em7    Fdim  B7
Let it ech - o through the hills,

    Em7/7   A7  G/B    A - A9 - A   D - D7  G - Gm7  A - A7 - A7/6  D6
The swing - in' shep - herd       blues.

This one has crawled inside my head, and won't leave -- and I don't mind a bit. I've included lyrics here, even though the version that keeps runnin' 'round inside my brain is Moe Koffman's instrumental classic.

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