Take Me In Your Arms

Words & Music (as Torna A Surriento) by by Ernesto de Curtis & Giambattista de Curtis, 1902
English lyrics adapted by Joe Lilley
Recorded by Dean Martin, 1962

Am   A9   Am
Once up - on a lovely time,

Dm   D9  Dm             Am
Ma - ny million dreams ago,

F          Dm7  Bm7-5    Am
Once there was a man in love, Dear,

Dm   D9 Dm    Dm7   E7   Dm7  A      
Ma - ny mil - lion dreams a - go.

 A       F#m       E7      D
Once he thought he had a sweetheart,

 E      Bm7-5     Cdim   A6
Then he broke the golden rule:

 A    F#m       E7-9      Bm
Never take your love for granted --

 E      Cdim    E         A
Wise men often play the fool.

A        F#m      E7       D
Now he'd like to say "I'm sorry" --

 C#7     C#7/G#     Fdim(III)     F
Can't you see  with  -  in   his heart

 Dm    Dm6 Dm7  Dm6    Dm Dm7  Am
With - out you there's no to - mor - row?

 Dm         F         E7      A
Why should true love have to part?

 A   A9 AM7 F#m  D    E7
Take me in your arms,

  E7sus4 E7  E  D9  A
I prom - ise to be true;

 Dm   F Dm7   Am   A9    Am
Nev - er a - gain I'll stray

A9  E7  Fdim  A
A - way from you.

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