Words & Music by Johnny Mercer & Victor Schertzinger
Recorded by Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra, 1942, Vocals by Bob Eberle & Helen O'Connell
From the 1942 film "The Fleet's In"

Em9         Em7   A7 A7+5    D        D6        B7
Tan - ger - ine,      she is all they claim,

          Em7      A7      G/B     A7         D    Cdim     B7
With her eyes of night and lips as bright as flame;

Em9         Em7  A7  A7+5     D6        B7
Tan - ger - ine,     when she dances by, 

     F#     B7      G#m7  C#7  F#       F#7   
Senoritas stare and caballeros sigh.

Cdim      Em7  A7 A7+5      D           D6     B7
And I've seen     toasts to Tan - ger - ine

          Em7   A7     G/B    A7          F#   Cdim
Raised in ev'ry bar across the Ar - gen - tine.

         Em       B+         Em9    C9
Yes, she has them all on the run,

        D       B7            F#m7    Fm7                   
But her heart belongs to just one,

    G       Em7     A7sus4  Edim      D
Her heart belongs to Tan  -  ger  -  ine.

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