Tell Me Why

Words & Music by Al Alberts & Marty Gold*
Recorded by The Four Aces

A7/6    D9   D          DM7       D7
Tell me why,   though I try to forget,

        G9  G        Gm           Gdim
Tell me why,   why I think of you yet.

   D  DM7      B7
I know   I'll never be free 

E        E7          Em7      D7
What has happened to me?

A7/6    D9   D          DM7          D7
Tell me why,    when we danced until three,

        G9   G         Gm            Gdim
Tell me why,    why my heart couldn't see.

   D    DM7           B7
I never dreamed of romance,

E7      A7         D
  Never gave it a chance.


       Am7      D7       G
When I think of how you looked that day,

         Am7    D7       G9
In your gown of silk and lace;

            Bm7-5    E7        A  AM7 F#m
Should have known the day you came my way

     Bm7-5      E7             Em7     A7/6
That this is the time and the place.

A7/6    D9  D         DM7        D7
Tell me why    I keep fooling my heart

        G9   G        Gm            Gdim
When I know    it was love from the start.

  D           DM7      B7
Why don't we give it a try?

E7     A7            D     DM7   D7   D7/F#
If you know, tell me why.

Last Time:

E7     A7             Am7  B7  Em9      A7/6    D     D6
If you know, tell me why,      tell me, tell me why.

*Lyricist Al Alberts was the leader and soloist for the The Four Aces, who recorded the song. His writing partner, Marty Gold, was a member of a competing group -- The Three Suns.

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