Words & Music by Nacio Herb Brown & Arthur Freed, 1933
Recorded by Perry Como, 1945 (#15)*

E         F       E
You came, I was alone --

F               E   Dm6 Bm7       E
I should have known you were temptation.

E            F         E    D9   E
You smiled, luring me on,

F             E        Dm6 Bm7      E
My heart was gone, and you were temptation.


E           Cdim(IV)  Cdim B7           E
It would be thrilling,     if you were willing;

A    A9    A    E    Cm B7  F   Fdim E
And, if it can nev - er be, pit - y  me.

B7   E        F           E
For you were born to be kissed;

F          E    Dm6 Bm7        Dm6    E
I can't resist, you are temp - ta - tion.

A              Dm6 E7 D9  A
I am yours -- here is my heart,

 D   A   E   A       Dm6  Bm7-5      A
Take it and say that we'll nev - er part.

Dm   A   E   A    Dm6  A Bm7-5  A
I'm just a slave, on - ly  a  slave --

E   A         Dm6          E  Fdim(III)   A
To you, temp - ta - tion, I'm   your    slave!

*This song has enjoyed huge popularity over the years. It was recorded by Como in 1945, then reached #21 when re-released again the next year. It was introduced by Bing Crosby in the 1933 film "Going Hollywood." Crosby's version hit #3 the next year, against competing versions by Ted Fio Rito (#15) and Ferde Grofe (#19). Artie Shaw scored with it in 1944 (#21), and Red Ingle had a #1 version three years later. The Everly Brothers reached #27 with it in 1961. In addition, two instrumental versions also reached the top 100: Roger Williams (#15, 1960) and Boots Randolph (#93, 1967.)

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