Tender Is The Night

Words & Music by Sammy Fain & Paul Francis Webster
Recorded by Tony Bennett, 1962

Am     A9 Am   A9    Am E7  E  E7 E7+5 E7
Tender is the night, so tender is the night,

Fdim    F#m    D9       A   F#m             D9    E7
There's no one in the world     except the two of us.

 D9       Dm6    E7     Fdim  E7    Am    Am+7   Am7  Am6
Should tomorrow find us dis - en - chan - ted,

D9      Dm6       D9      Fdim       F7   Fdim E7+5  E7
We have shared a love that few have known --  

Am         A9 Am  A9   Am E7     E   E7 E7+5  E7
Sum - mers by the sea, a sail - boat in  Ca - pri.

Fdim  F#m       D9         A      F#m      D9    E7
These mem - o - ries shall be our ver - y own;

D9              Dm+7   Dm6  D9   Dm6
Even though our dreams may van - ish 

 Am       A9    Am   Bb9
With the morn - ing light 

E7+5 Am   A9   Am Asus4   Am
 We loved once in splen - dor --

A9   F    Em7  F   G    Dm7 G7    C
How ten - der how ten - der the night. 

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