Thank Heaven for Little Girls

Words & Music by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe
Recorded by Maurice Chevalier, 1958
From the movie "Gigi"

      Am    Am7   D9     D7
Each time I see a little girl

    Am7    Cdim   Edim  G
Of five or six or sev - en,

  C              F#m     F#7     Am7      Am7
I can't resist a joyous urge to smile and say

Cm7-5  Gdim   G   C Am7 Am7-5 D7/9   G     Em7  Am7  D7/9
Thank  hea - ven    for  lit - tle  girls,

D7  G9        Edim      Bm7      E7-9       Am7  D7
For lit - tle girls get big - ger ev' - ry day!

Cdim  Am        Am+7    D9         D7
Thank hea - ven     for lit - tle girls -- 

      C     Edim     D9        Am7   Cdim  G
They grow up in the most de - light - ful way!

       G7        G       Cdim        G7        Am     C
Those lit - tle eyes, so help - less and ap - peal - ing,

    Em7       A7       G/B      Cdim     A7       D6      D7         
One day will flash and send you crashing thru the ceil - ing.

Cm7-5 Gdim    G  C  Am7 Am7-5 D7/9   G     Bm7-5  E7
Thank  hea - ven    for  lit - tle girls,

Cdim  G         Am7      G
Thank hea - ven for them all,

   G/F#       C        C/B      Edim
No mat - ter where, no mat - ter who,

Am7    G          Am7        D9       D7/9 G
With - out them, what would lit - tle boys do? 

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