That Old Black Magic

Words & Music by Harold Arlen & Johnny Mercer
Recorded by Glenn Miller*, 1943 (#1)

E7    A   E7/6  A    D9     A  E7/6  A 
That old black magic has me in its spell,

E7    A   E7/6  A    D9        E7  Fdim E7
That old black magic that you weave so well.

     E7  Fdim E7         D9      E7 Fdim E7
Those i - cy  fin - gers up and down my spine,

     A6  Cdim E7/9          Cdim      A6   Cdim E7/9
The same old  witch - craft when your eyes meet mine.

E7    A  E7/6  A    D9     A   E7/6   A
The same old tingle that I feel in - side,

E7    A  E7/6  A      D9          E7  Fdim  E7
And then that el - e - va - tor starts its ride.

     D9 Bm7-5 E7    Bm7-5  A9   Fdim F#m   F#m7/E
And down and down I   go; round and round I  go

D9     Dm6  BbM7         Fdim          A    D9   A
Like a leaf      that's caught in the tide.


AM7       F#m      F#m7/E                G#7
I should stay away,       but what can I do?

            C#7              F#7/6   
I hear your name and I'm a - flame.

     D9                         Dm6
A - flame with such a burning desire
              Bm7-5    Fdim          E7
That only your kiss can put out the fire.

(E7)  A    E7/6 A   D9  E7   A   E7/6  A
For you're the lover I have wait - ed for,

     A7  Em7   A7      Em7     Gdim D6   A7
The mate that Fate had me cre - a - ted for.

    D9         D6               Dm6
And ev'ry time   your lips meet mine,
         D9  Bm7-5 E7   Bm7-5  A9  Fdim F#m    F#m7/E
Darling, down and down I  go; round and round I  go

D         D6             Dm6       Bm7-5      
In a spin,   loving the spin I'm in

           D9  Bm7-5 Dm6    E7     A
Under that old black magic called love.

*Fair's fair, so I'm crediting Glenn Miller here because he had a number one hit with it -- even though it's practically impossible for anyone who was alive in the middle third of the 20th century not to associate this song with the furiously up-tempo version by Louis Prima and Keely Smith (which, good as it was, just doesn't lend itself to duplication by a finger-style rhythm guitarist...nor indeed by any musician who hasn't ingested about 20 cups of coffee first.)

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