That Old Gang of Mine

Words & Music by Billy Rose, Mort Dixon & Ray Henderson, 1923
Recorded by The Four Aces, 1954 (#22)

G    D9  G       D6      B7
Gee,    but I'd give the world to see

     Em7/9 A6/7/9 G/B   A7   Em7  A  A7/9
That  old   gang   of mine;

D7 Am7 D9          Am7      D7   Am7   D9         
I      can't for - get that old quar - tet

Cdim  G         Edim       D7
That sang “Sweet Ad - e - line.”

      G7alt Dm6 G7alt  Dm6     C     Fdim Cdim C   B+
Good - bye  for - ev - er, old fel - lows and gals,

       A7  Em7   A   A9 Edim  D9     Am7   Cdim  D7
Good - bye for - ev -er, old sweet - hearts and pals.

 D9   Am7  Cdim
(God bless them!)

G    D9  G       D6       B7
Gee,     but I'd give the world to see

Em   A7  Am7 Cdim  G
That old gang of mine.

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