That Ole Devil Called Love

Words & Music by Allan Roberts & Doris Fisher
Recorded by Billie Holiday, 1944
Also recorded by Alison Moyet, 1985

Fdim      E7 Bm7-5  Fdim   AM7         AM7/6          
It's that ole devil called love again

       F#7        C#m7-5       Gdim      F#7
Gets behind me and keeps giving me that shock again

        Bm        Bm7/E  Dm6         E7/6
Puttin' rain in my eyes, tears in my dreams

    A6          F#m
And rocks in my heart

Fdim      E7 Bm7-5 E7  Fdim  AM7      AM7/6
It's that sly ole  son  of a gun again

         F#7           C#m7-5    Gdim  F#7
He keeps telling me that I'm the lucky one again

      Bm              Bm7/E  Dm6             E7/6
But I still have that rain, still have those tears

          Bm7-5       A
And those rocks in my heart


    D9    Fdim    E7     AM7        Bbm9
Suppose I didn't stay -- ran away, wouldn't play.

    D9              E7/6  Bm7-5     AM7/6
The devil -- what a potion he would brew!

B7          F7   B7    E7/9         Cdim    E7/9
He'd follow me around, build me up, tear me down,

     D9          Dm6          F7                   E7
Till I'd be so bewildered, I wouldn't know what to do.

Fdim      E7 Bm7-5 Fdim     AM7        AM7/6
Might as well give  up the fight again

       F#7           C#m7-5        Gdim      F#7
I know darn well he'll convince me that he's right again

         DM7              Dm6         Bm7-5 Fdim   E7/6
When he sings that sorry song, I just gotta tag a - long

          D9  E7   Bm7-5     A
With that ole devil called love.

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