That's The Beginning Of The End

Words & Music by Alex Kramer & Joan Whitney, 1947
Recorded by Recorded by Jimmy Roselli, 1970
Also recorded by Perry Como, 1947, and by Nat 'King' Cole Trio, 1947

AM7            F#m            Bm7    E7
When she don't sweet talk anymore,

A7            A6/7/9   A7     D9  Bm7-5
Her kiss ain't like it was before,

A    AM7      F#m  F#m7      B7
It's time you added up the score, my friend --

D9             Bm7-5              E7    F7  E7
That's the be - gin - ning of the end.

AM7            F#m            Bm7    E7
She keeps you waiting for a date,

A7            A6/7/9   A7     D9  Bm7-5
Makes no ex - cuse for being late;

A    AM7    F#m        F#m7      B7
Wake up and re - cog - nize your fate, my friend --

D9           E7              D9  Bm7-5  A   A7
That's the beginning of the end.


           Em7      A7   A7sus4            A7
What she's doing to you,        she did to me;

    D9        D       DM7         D6
But I was in love, so how could I see.

      F#m7       B7          F#m7     B7
You'd better get wise, you'd better beware,

   F#m                       B7            Bm7-5          E7   
Or one of these days you'll turn around and she won't be there.

AM7            F#m            Bm7    E7
Don't say that you were never told,

A7           6/7/9      A7      D9   Bm7-5
I know that char - ac - ter of old;

A    AM7        F#m      F#m7      B7
When she starts straying from the fold, my friend,

D9           E7              D9  A  D9          Bm7-5  Fdim(III)Fdim AM7
That's the beginning of the end,   that's the beginning   of     the end.

Here's a song that seems to be a lot less widely known that I had thought it was. For years, I've been listening to a long-time piano bar crony, Blaine G., sing this song, assuming that it had to have been done by Frank Sinatra. Turns our I was wrong -- and an extensive search for the lyrics, then the sheet music, then an album source proved just how wrong. Blaine, of course, had the album -- the Jimmy Roselli version sited here. Thanks, my friend.

(By the way, don't tell him, but he sings it better than Roselli, too.)

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