That Sunday That Summer

Words & Music by George David Weiss & Joe Sherman
Recorded by Nat King Cole, 1963 (#12)

AM7  C#m7    D9    Dm6  E7  AM7/9  AM7
If I had to choose     just  one   day

           C#m7   Cm7   D9
To last my whole life through,

AM7      C#m7      D9 Dm6  E7  AM7/9  AM7
It would sure - ly be     that  Sun - day,

            Dalt Dm7(IV) Gdim
The day that I    met    you.


Dalt        D              D6      BbM7alt      Dm+7     Dm6
New - born whip - poor - wills were  cal - ling from the hills;

AM7               D9       Bm7-5      AM7             
Sum - mer was a - com - ing  in  but fast.

Dalt     D          D6      BbM7alt     Dm+7       Dm6
Lots of daf - fo - dils were show - ing off their skills,

AM7                 F#m               
Nod - ding all to - geth - er, 

        AM7                 F#m
I could al - most hear them whis - per,

AM7     F#m         Dm7(IV) C#m7  D   Fdim
"Go on, kiss her, go  on    and  kiss her."

AM7  C#m7     D9   Dm6  E7  AM7/9  AM7
If I had to choose      one   mo - ment

              C#m7 Cm7 D9
To live with - in  my heart,

AM7     C#m7     D9    Dm6 AM7/9  AM7
It would be that ten - der   mo - ment

      A         A(V) G#7 C#m7    D
Re - cal - ling how  we  star - ted;

Dalt     D        Dm6 C#m7     AM7       F#7
Darling, it would be  when you smiled at me

D     D6       Dm6   E7       AM7/9  AM7      
That way, that Sun - day, that sum - mer.

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