The Mood That I'm In

Words & Music by Abner Silver & Al Sherman
Recorded by Billie Holiday, 1936

 A    F#m     C#m7-5     Cdim   G#7
Never dared to have your arms around me,

G7            Gdim         F#7
Not that I considered it a sin;

F7            Fdim             E
But tonight I want your arms around me --

D9      Bm7-5     Cdim E7
It's the mood that I'm in.

A     F#m     C#m7-5     Cdim    G#7
Can it be the music that they're playin'

G7          Gdim       F#7
Or the magic of the violin

F7                Fdim         E
That intrigues my heart into obeyin'?

D9  Bm7-5  E7       D9  A
It's the  mood that I'm in.


Em7/9          Cdim              A7/6
Maybe it's the cocktail that I'm sippin' 

      D              Em7     Edim      D
That helps to put me in this frame of mind.

C#7           Fdim(III)           C#7
Maybe it's be - cause of you I'm slippin' --

   A             Em7    D9     A7
Tonight I'm so romantic'ly inclined.

     A     F#m    C#m7-5  Cdim      G#7
So speak to me of love in words so tender,

 G7          Gdim          F#7
Let the rhapsody of life begin;

F7              Fdim               E
I could give my heart in sweet surrender --

D9  Bm7-5  E7       D9  A
It's the  mood that I'm in.

*Suggested by recent visitor Simon Prinzeleve.

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