There I Go

Words & Music by Hy Zaret & Irving Weiser
Recorded by Vaughn Monroe, 1940 (#1)

D9    DM7 D6   G              Gdim
There  I  go, leading with my heart again;

     D9  DM7 Bm7   G            Edim
And there I  go, acting not so smart again.

      D            B7   G            A7  A7+5  D  Bm G A7
But though it's unwise,  I can't disguise my love.

D9    DM7 D6   G                Gdim
Though I know too much love may curb the fire,

     D9   DM7 Bm7  G           Edim
Yet, there I  go, led astray by my desire --

        D          B7  G             A7  A9   D  G  D  C#7
There's no golden rule   to guide a fool in love.


Bb                    A
I tell my heart, "Be careful,

           D             E7     A
Or you'll find that you dream alone."

Bb                        D          Cdim
I'm wise it's true, what good does it do?

    Em         Em7          A
My heart has a mind of its own.

D9   DM7 D6   G               Gdim
There I  go, spilling all the dreams I knew,

     D9  DM7 Bm7   G            Edim
And there I  go  thrillingly in love with you.

D                   B7  G             A7  A9 D  G  D
Don't know if you care, Darling, but there I go.

Inspiration comes from strange sources. To be honest, I had never heard this song, but happened to run across a list of songs which reached #1 in whatever year -- so I figured, maybe I oughta check it out and see why people liked it. I found I kinda liked it, too.

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