There'll Be Some Changes Made

Words & Music by Billy Higgins & W. Benton Overstreet, 1922
Recorded by Julie London, 1961

Intro verse:

D               Bm         G      Edim     A7
They say don't change the old love for the new;

D           Bm          G    Fdim A7
You'll find out it will nev - er  do.

F#7                    Bm7
When you grow old, you don't last long;

E7     Fdim   E7      A7     Em7    A7
You're here today, tomorrow you're gone.

D          Bm           G    Edim  A7
I loved a man for many years gone  by;

F#7      Gdim       F#7      G  Cdim   G
I never thought his love for me would die.

    B7           Cdim    B7      Em7 Cdim Em7
But he made some chang - es from old  to  new

   E7      Fdim   E7         A    G/B  A7
So now I'm gonna make some chang - es, too.


 E7     Bm7-5     E7  Fdim E7  Fdim    E7
There'll  be  a change in  the weath - er; 

Bm7-5   E7/9 Cdim    A7/6
 And a change in the sea,

DM7  F#m Bm7        Bm7/E   D   Cdim D6
From now on there'll be a change in  me;

  Em7/9      Em7 A6/7/9    A7   Em7 DM7 F#m    Bm7
My walk will be   diff' - rent, my talk and my name --

E7/9  Cdim     A7/6 A7 Em7/6  Em7 A7 G/B  A7
Noth - in' a - bout me  gon - na  be the same.

E7  Bm7-5     E7      Fdim E7 Fdim  E7
I'm gon - na change my way of liv - in', 

Bm7-5  E7/9 Cdim      A7/6
And if that ain't e - nough,

DM7  F#m   Bm7     Bm7/E    D   Cdim D6
I'm gonna change the way I strut my stuff.

Em7/9 A6/7/9 A7 Em7/9 A7  Em7   A7    D   F#7  B7    
 No -  bod - y  wants you when you're old and gray --

G        E7       A7    Em7  D   F#7   B7
There'll be some chan - ges made to - day,

G        E7       A7    Em7  D
There'll be some chan - ges made.

*Thanks to frequent visitor Joe Burke for another great suggestion.

Here's another tune that had a number of successful trips up the charts. Ethyl waters took it to #5 in 1922, and Ted Lewis matched that feat two years later. Sophie Tucker reached #10 with her version in 1928, and it was this version from which the intro verse of this chart was transcribed. Benny Goodman, with Louise Tobin on vocal, reached #6 in 1941. Other artists to have recorded this song include Tony Bennett, Peggy Lee and Billie Holiday. My own research has found one other entirely different intro verse (the Ted Weems' orchestra version from 1929) and I have no clear evidence to tell me whose is the "original" and which is the pretender; if I had to guess, however, I'd opt for Tucker's before I would vote for this version from Ted Weems:

There'll be some changes made today;
We played together, you lived next door,
You were Prince Charming I'd been waiting for.
I helped you with your studies, you taught me how to dance,
We always were together -- I thought I had a chance.
But you grow indiff'rent as the days go by;
I'm a little lady, I'm not small fry.

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