There Must Be A Way

Words & Music by Sammy Gallop & David Saxon
Recorded by Joni James, 1959 (#33)

 E     A   A9 A AM7 F#m Cdim(IV)        Cdim               D9    Bm
There must be a way to    help  me for - get that we're through,

      D9         E      D9           E       D9 AM7   D  A  E
There must be a way to stop me from dreamin' of you.

       A        AM7          A7/6  A   DM7          D6  DM7   E
There must be a star in the skies that isn't reflecting your eyes --

   D             Cdim        E    D9  Cdim   E7sus4  E
I just don't know how to disguise how much I  miss  you.

 E     A   A9 A AM7  F#m  Cdim(IV)  Cdim       D9    Bm
There must be a song that doesn't remind me of you,

      D9         E       D9              E           F#7
There must be a kiss to thrill me like yours used to do.

   D9        D6/9      Dm+7 Dm6  A           C#7     F#7
I look for a way to be hap - py, happy with somebody new;

          D         Bm         E7/6      E7 E7/6  E7    E7/6  A
Oh, there must be a way, but I can't find a  way with - out  you.

*Suggested by recent visitor Gwen Ashby


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