There's No You

Words & Music by Tom Adair & Hal Hopper
Recorded by Frank Sinatra, 1943

A7/6 Dalt     D9  D   Gm7   A7
  I  feel the autumn breeze,

     D9             F#m       Gm7       Edim         D
It steals 'cross my pillow as soft as a will-o'-the-wisp,

F#m        Dalt          C#7       Gdim
And in its song there is sadness because 

 Em7   G/B  A7
There's no you.

A7/6 Dalt  D9  D   Gm7   A7
The lonely autumn trees,

     D9            F#m          Gm7       Edim         
How softly they're sighing, for summer is dying,

      D    F#m           Dalt             C#7       Gdim
They know     that in my heart there's no gladness because 

 Em7   Edim D
There's no you. 


    D7/9         D7              D7/9      D7
The park that we walked in, the garden we talked in --

    G             Cdim Am7      G
How lonesome they seem  in the fall!

     D9            E       Bm7-5            E
The stormy clouds hover and falling leaves cover

A   Edim     E   Fdim    A7
Our favorite nook in the wall.

A7/6 Dalt         D9  D    Gm7   A7
 In spring we'll meet a - gain,

       D9       F#m           Gm7       Edim        D
We'll kiss and recapture the summertime rapture we knew,

    F#m       Dalt       C#7        Gdim
And from that day, never more will I say 

Em7   Edim D
There's no you. 

*Suggested by recent visitor Reuben McDaniel.

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