They Didn't Believe Me

Words & Music by Herbert Reynolds & Jerome Kern, 1914
Recorded by Julie London, 1960

G    Em     Am  Am+5 D9     Am7  D7       G    G/F#   E7
And when I told them   how beautiful you are,

     Fdim     Am   Am+5 D9      Am7   D7  G  Am7 alt   G
They didn't believe me,   they didn't believe  me.

     Edim       Am7         Cm           D9
Your lips, your eyes, your cheeks, your hair,

          Bm7    Am7     G
Are in a class beyond compare;

Em6         Bm       Bm+7  Bm7 Bm6  G7   F#7   Bm
You're the loveliest girl      that one could see.

    E7-9   Am   Am+5  D9
And when I tell them,

        D7sus4    D7        G   G/F#  Em    
And I'm certainly going to tell them,

     Em7     Am  Am+5       D9         D7      Dm6   E7
That I'm the man     whose wife you'll one day be,

        E7-9     Am  Am+5 Cm          Cm7     Bm7-5 E7
They'll never believe me,     they'll never believe me,

     E7-9       Am       Am+7         Am7   Am6 Dm7-5   E7
That from this great big world you've cho - sen   me,

     E7-9       Am       Bm7          C     Cm  G6
That from this great big world you've cho - sen me.

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