Thinking Of You

Words & Music by Bert Kalmar & Harry Ruby
Recorded by Eddie Fisher, 1950*

D   Em7 A7  D DM7 D DM7 Cdim      B7
Why            is it I  spend the day,

Cdim         Em  B+     A7
Wake up, and end    the day

Em7      A7  D
Thinking of you?

D   Em7 A7 D DM7  D DM7 Cdim    B7
Why          does it do this to me?

Cdim        Em   B+  A7
Is it such bliss to be

Em7      A7  D
Thinking of you?


F#7  Bm    F#7   Edim      D9  Fdim  A
And when I fall asleep at night it seems

 G  G/F# D7/9   Em7 D7/9  G  G/F# Em7  F#7
You just  tip - toe  in - to all  my dreams.

A7 D Em7 A7 D DM7  D DM7 Cdim        B7
So I         think of no oth  -  er one,

Cdim       Em   B+    A7
Ever since I've   be -gun

Em7      A7  D
Thinking of you.

*According to information on, it was the 1950 recording of this song that launched Fisher's recording career with RCA Victor. Fisher recorded a number of singles for them, but it was not until four of them had reached the top ten in popularity that the label decided to release an album of his work in 1952. It's enough to make one wonder how many of today's "recording artists" would have careers at all if they were held to the same criteria before they could record an album. And cynic that I am, I can't help but wonder if we wouldn't be better off if the were...and if some of them might not be, as well.

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