This Is All I Ask

Words & Music by Gordon Jenkins
Recorded by Tony Bennett, 1963 (#70)

Intro Verse:

G7 C     Edim      Dm7         G7
As I approach the prime of my life,

  Dm7    G7       Cdim         C
I find I have the time of my life

C/B          F           Fdim 
Learning to enjoy at my leisure 

Em      B7      Edim
All the simple pleasures,

F        G                 C     E7 
And so I hap - pi - ly concede

A7     Cm7-5 A7 Dm7 Dm7-5 G7   
This is all  I  ask,      

Dm7     G7  Fdim C    Edim   Dm7
This is all  I  need.

G7     Am7  G/B  C    Am  Edim            Gdim   
Beau - ti - ful girls,    walk a little slower 

Dm7     Fdim   G7 C 
When you walk  by me;

G7     Am7  G/B  C7
Lin - ger - ing sunsets,    

Dm    Am       Dm6   B7         CM7    Am7 B7
Stay a little longer   with the lone - ly sea.

Cdim     B7    Em    B+                Em7          
Children everywhere, when you shoot at bad men, 

Em6      A7   Em7   A7
Shoot at me

Am7    Am7-5      D7         Am7    D7                                  
Take me to that strange, enchanted land 

Dm7        Am7  Em7-5        G7+
Grown-ups seldom un - ders - tand.

G7    Am7   G/B  C       Am  Edim           Gdim   
Wan - der - ing rainbows,    leave a bit of color
Dm7    Fdim  G7  C 
For my heart to own;

G7   Am7 G/B  C7   Dm              Gdim  Dm
Stars in the sky,     make my wish come true 

B7         C    Cdim   Am
Before the night has flown,
   Asus4 Am  FM7  E7-9     B7       Em       C9  Am7 Edim
And let the music play as long as there's a song to  sing,

 A7 Dm7 Dm7-5      G7     Fdim    C
And  I  will stay younger than Spring.

Most recently suggested by, and based in part on a chart provided by, recent visitor Fiel Santos.

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