This Is Always

Words & Music by Harry Warren & Mack Gordon
Recorded by Jo Stafford (1944?)

D           Bm                G    Edim
This isn't sometimes, this is al - ways.

Em7        G/E  G6/E  G/B Em7 G    Edim
This isn't may - be, this is  al - ways.

D    D6  A        G      G/F#    G/E Em7 A7sus4 A7
This is love, the real beginning of  for - ev - er.

D           Bm              G    Edim
This isn't just mid-summer mad - ness,

Em7        G/E   G6/E    Em7    G    Edim
A passing glow, a mo - ment's glad - ness --

D         Bm7     DM7             B7      Em7
Yes, it's love; I knew it on the night we met.

    Em     B+       Em7      Em6
You tied a string around my heart,

   D      DM7     Fdim Em7
So how can I for - get you?

     D     Bm7     Em7      A7     Edim   D
With every kiss I know that this is al - ways.

Here's yet another case that proves the ol' Guitarguy ain't nearly as well-informed as he'd like to think he is.

I had never heard -- nor even heard of -- this song until the last month. A visitor to the site, Herve S., asked for three songs (all of which made this month's additions) but this is one I was not remotely familiar with; still, judging from who wrote it, I had a gut feeling I'd like it, so I searched it out. Turns out I was right -- it's a beauty to listen to, if you haven't heard it.

And thanks, Herve, for the suggestions!

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