This Is My Song

Words & Music by Charlie Chaplin
Recorded by Petula Clark, 1967 (#3


C          Am  Cdim CM7/6
Why is my heart so light?

C           Cdim       Dm7    G7
Why are the stars so bright?

G7         Dm7 Cdim  Dm7   G7
Why is the sky  so  blue

Cdim       Dm7 Cdim     C   G
Since the hour  I  met you?

C            Am   Cdim CM7/6
Flowers are smi - ling bright

C          Cdim   Dm7    G7
Smiling for our delight

G7     Dm7 Cdim        Dm7   G7
Smiling so ten - der - ly

Cdim     Dm7   Cdim     C   G
For the world, you and me


   C            Cdim     Dm7    G7  Dm7       G7   Cdim    C
I know why the world is smiling,   smiling so ten - der - ly

A            A7        Dm    Dm+7          D      D7         G7 
It hears the same old story       through all e - ter - ni - ty


C     CM7  C  C9  CM7
Love, this is my song
CM7/6  CM7 C CM7/6             Cdim    Dm7     G7
Here   is  a song, a ser - e - nade to you

     G7        Cdim     G7
The world can - not be wrong

  Bm7-5     G7   Fdim     C
If in this world there is you

  C9       Am        Em7       F
I care not what the world may say;

       G7      Cdim       G7 Fdim   C
With - out your love there is  no  day.

G    C    CM7  C  C9  CM7
So, Love, this is my song,

CM7/6 CM7 C CM7/6   Cdim       Dm7  G7     C
Here   is a  song, a ser - e - nade    to you.

This was Clark's fourth-biggest hit, from songwriter Charlie Chaplin's last film "The Countess from Hong Kong." Petula also recorded this song in French, Italian, and German, making it a huge world-wide smash hit. (Information from Lyrics World.) Suggested by recent visitor George Ruetters -- who coincidentally showed amazing patience in waiting for me to finally get this done.

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