Words & Music by Aloysio Oliveira & Jose Abreu
English lyric by Ervin Drake*
Recorded by The Andrews Sisters, 1943

Am      F     Am            F     E7
Oh Tico Tico tick!  Oh Tico Tico tock! 

      F     E7 Bm7-5     E7    Fdim     Am
This Tico Tico he's the cuckoo in my clock. 

    Am7      F       Dm7         F         Am     Am+7
And when he says: "Cuckoo!" he means it's time to woo; 

     Am7  E7      Bm7-5    Cdim  Bm7-5     E7
It's Tico time for all the lovers  in the block.

Am          F     Am            F        E7
I've got a heavy date, a tete-a-tete at eight, 

     F        E7  Bm7-5    E7    Fdim     Am
So speak, oh Tico, tell me is it getting late? 

   Am7     F        Dm7      F       Am        Am+7
If I'm on time, "Cuckoo" but if I'm late, "Woo-woo!" 

    Am7     E7      Bm7-5     E7     Fdim     Am   G
The one my heart has gone to may not want to wait! 


    Fdim    C      C/B   Am7   Am7/G      F 
For just a birdie, and a birdie who goes nowhere, 

   Dm7      G     Cdim     G7     Cdim   CM7/6  C
He knows of ev'ry Lovers' Lane and how to go  there; 

    G      C           CM7             Dm7       G7
For in affairs of the heart, my Tico's terribly smart, 

   Cdim       G      Cdim        Dm7       G/B       C
He tells me: "Gently, sen - ti - ment' - ly at the start!" 

   Fdim    C      C/B    Am7  Am7/G  F
Oh, oh, I hear my little Tico Tico  calling, 

   Dm7       G      Cdim       G7        Cdim    CM7/6    C
Because the time is right and shades of night are fall - ing. 

  C7        F      Dm     Dm7   Fdim      C
I love that not-so-cuckoo cuckoo in the clock: 

G    Cdim  G7   G/B  Fdim  C
Tico Tico  Tico Tico Tico tock.

*Lyrics as provided to www.thepeaches.com by author Ervin Drake. Suggested by recent visitor Bob in Devon England

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