Time And The River

Words & Music by Wally Gold & Aaron Schroeder
Recorded by Nat King Cole, 1960 (#30)

 A   AM7  A  E           D9      Bm7    C#m7
Time and the river will bring my love to me;

      D         D9   D    A       F#m
If I must, Ill wait for - ev - er

        G   G/F#    Bm7-5    E7-9     A
By the river    that took her to the sea.

A   AM7  A  E          D9      Bm7       C#m7
Here by the river, we loved, we laughed, we cried

          D        D9   D   A      F#m
But with time, my love, my darling

        G    G/F#    E7-9 Bm7-5      A
Left my arms and was gone with the tides.

    F#m            C#m7              D    Bm7-5   A
How long I've been lonely!  Star of love; shine bright.

   F#m           D              B7      E
I need her, oh, lead her to my arms tonight.

A            E             D9      Bm7   C#m7
Time and the river -- how swiftly they go by.

        D               D9    A        F#m
But my heart will beat for no other

                 D9  Bm7-5    E7-9  Fdim  A
Til time stands still and the river runs dry.

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