Time on My Hands

Words & Music by Harold Adamson, Mack Gordon & Vincent Youmans
Recorded by Eddie Condon, 1944

D    D9 A7  D     F#m G/B Em7 F#m
Time on my hands, you in  my arms,

Em7   Em7/6 Em7sus4 Em7 G/B  D    Cdim Em7  A7
Noth - ing    but   love in view;

D    D9 A7  D     F#m  G/B Em7 F#m
Then if you fall, once and for all,

Em7  Em7/6 Em7sus4  Em7  G/B   B7
I'll  see    my   dreams come true.

B7   Em7       A     A7  C#7         D6    D9
Mo - ments to spare with someone you care for,

Em7  A7     Em7 G/B A7   Em7   A7
One love affair for two, ooh,

      D   D9 A7  D        F#7        B7
With time on my hands and you in my arms,

    Em7  G/B   A7   A7+5      D
And love in my heart all for you.

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