The Times Of Your Life

Words & Music by Bill Lane & Roger Nichols
Recorded by Paul Anka, 1975

E7    A      D9     A    D9
Good morning yesterday,

     A6     D9              AM7         D9
You wake up   and time has slipped away.

    Bm7   A       E       F#m      Bm7   A       E       F#m
And suddenly it's hard to find the memories you left behind.

   D9    Bm7            E7   E7/6    
Remember?   Do you re - mem - ber? 

E7    A      D9   A   D9
The laughter and the tears,

     A6     D9           AM7         D9
The shadows    of misty yester-years,

     Bm7        A       E        F#m      Bm7       A     E     F#m
The good times and the bad you've seen and all the others in between --

D9       Bm7            E7    E7/6     D9   E7 E7/6  AM7  DM7  AM7  F#my
Remember?   Do you re - mem - ber the times of your life? 


       Em7         Gdim         DM7      F#m7
Reach back for the joy and the sorrow,

C#m7-5       F#7          B
  Put  them away in your mind.

    Em7          Bm7-5         AM7    F#m
For memories are time that you borrow

    Am7          Gdim        Bm7-5   E7
To spend when you get to to - mor - row. 

E7    A        D9       A    D9
Here comes the setting sun.

    A6      D9             AM7         D9
The seasons    are passing one by one.

    Bm7    A       E        F#m     Bm7         A         E       F#m
So gather moments while you may, collect the dreams you dreamed today.

D9       Bm7              E7   E7/6      
Remember,   will you re - mem - ber 

     D9   E7 E7/6  AM7  DM7        AM7  DM7         AM7
The times of your life,    of your life,    of your life.

This song, which provided the background music for a Kodak commercial, is one of several cases that occurred in the late 60s and early 70s in which music created for a television commercial grew far beyond the original purpose. Two other cases I recall lacked lyrics, but had musically the same effect: "The Disadvantages of you" (developed for then-new 100 millimeter cigarettes by Bensen & Hedges, and also "No Matter What Shape You Stomach Is In," which as I recall came from an Alka-Seltzer commercial. To a lesser extent, I can still whistle the melody to another example -- "The Teaberry Shuffle" which was (I think) from a chewing gum commercial.

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