To Each His Own

Words & Music by Jay Livingston & Ray Evans
Recorded by The Platters, 1960 (# 21) (also see below)

   CM7         F9            CM7         F9
A rose must remain with the sun and the rain,

        CM7           Dm7        Em7    Dm7
Or its lovely promise won't come true;

G7         Dm7/G    Dm7             Dm7/G  CM7     FM7
To each his own, to each his own -- and my own is you.

     CM7        F9          CM7                 F9
What good is a song, if the words just don't belong?

       CM7             Dm7      Em7     Dm7
And a dream must be a dream for two.

   F#m7-5          B7          Em7 A7  Dm7  Fdim(I)  C9        
No good alone, to each his own --  for  me  there's you.


If a flame is to grow there must be a glow,

   Em7       A7             Em7    A7
To open each door there's a key;

    D                  DM7
I need you, I know, I can't let you go;

     Am7              D7     G7
Your touch means too much to me.

     C        BbM7           C        BbM7
Two lips must insist on two more to be kissed,

           CM7             Dm7     Em7  Em6  Dm7 G7
Or they'll never know what love can do;

       F#m7-5   B7  Em7   A7
To each his own, I've found my own,

 Dm7   G7      C                 
One and only you.

Repeat Refrain:

(Repeat Last Verse)

In 1946 there were five Top 10 versions-- Eddy Howard (#1). The Ink Spots (#1), Freddy Martin (#1), The Modernaires with Paula Kelly (#3), and Tony Martin (#4). The song was charted by The Tymes at # 78 in 1964, and also charted by Frankie Laine at # 82 in 1968.

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