Tonight You Belong to Me

Words & Music by Billy Rose & Lee David, 1926
Recorded by Patience & Prudence, 1956 (#4)

A7  D                 D7      G        Gm
I know (I know) you belong to somebody new

       D    D9         Em   A7   D    D9   Em    A7
But tonight     you belong    to me.

    D                      D7           G          Gm
Although (although) we're apart, you're part of my heart

       D     D9         Em   A7    D    G    D
And tonight      you belong     to me.


     G   G/F#       Em  G/F#       G   G/F#         G/B   A7sus4
Way down   by the stream,    how sweet     it will seem

      D   DM7          Bm7  Bm7-5       E7      A7    A7+5
Once more     just to dream     in the honey,

   D                      D7        G           Gm
I know (I know) with the dawn that you will be gone,

       D     D9       Em    A7   D     G    D
But tonight     you belong    to me.

Bridge 2:

      G      G/F#     Em        G/B      G/F# 
Way down (way down) along the stream,

      G         G/F#        G/B     A7sus4
How very very sweet it will seem,

     D    DM7         Bm        Bm7-5            
Once more    just to dream 

       E7       A7             A7+5                    
In the silvery moonlight -- my honey 

   D                     D7        G            Gm
I know (I know) with the dawn that you will be gone,

        D    D9        Em   A7    D          
But tonight     you belong    to me.

 D      Gdim    A7  D
Just to little old me.

Sisters Patience (age 11) and Prudence (age 14) McIntyre were the daughters of the leader of the backup band. Personally, I always wondered what happened to them after their 2 or 3 hits. Anyway, their version of this song was the #34 song for all of 1956, as well as #428 among the top 5,000 songs of the rock era (1955-94). It was also recorded by Lawrence Welk & The Lennon Sisters (1956, #15) and by Karen Chandler & Jimmy Wakely (1956, #49). The girls recorded a number of other songs, but none approached the success of this song, and "Gonna Get Along Without You Now." They are still available, but the snippets I've heard were certainly not as memorable as their two hits. They disappeared from sight, if not from memory.

Recent visitor Joe Walsh provided me with a link that offers what little "news" I have ever been able to find. You can find it at and read it for yourself -- though the unidentified source of the information makes verification difficult.

Joe later sent me more information on this particular song, found at which provided another fun bit of trivia I had never heard: the fact that this songs was recorded by their father for private use and enjoyment -- it wasn't intended to be released. But a friend of their father, one Ross Bagdasarian (who you might know better as David Seville, creater of The Chipmonks) passed it along to a studio executive at Liberty Records.

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