Too Marvelous For Words

Words & Music by Johnny Mercer & Richard Whiting
Recorded by Frank Sinatra, 1956

        Em7  A9    Em7   A9       Em7   A9       Em7    A7
You're just    too marvelous, too marvelous for words,

 A7  Gdim        D   A7sus4         A9
Like glo - ri - ous,  glam - our - ous,

A7   D       D6      Gdim        D
And that old standby, am - or - ous.

    Em7  A9     Em7   A9        Em7            Em7    A7
It's all    too wonderful; I'll never find the words

A7  Gdim       D   A7sus4      A9
That say e - nough, tell e - nough --

  F#        G#m7        C#7         F#
I mean they just aren't swell e - nough.


 F#7    Am7      D9   Am7         Edim   D+
You're much too much, and just to very very,

   GM7  G6     GM7          D           Em7    A7
To ever be in Web - ster's dic - tion - nary.

    Em7    A9                Gdim  D   DM7       B7
And so I'm bor - row - ing a love song from the birds

Fdim Am7      Em7        Gdim          A7
To   tell you that you're mar - vel - ous,

D+  G           Em7 A7    D
Too mar - vel - ous for words.

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