The Trail of The Lonesome Pine

Words & Music by Ballard McDonald & Harry Carroll, 1912
Recorded by Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy, 1937
From the movie "Way Out West"

D    Em   A   D  A7 D               Fdim      A
On a mountain in Virginia, stands a lonesome pine,

Gdim   A7  D            Bm   E    Edim    A  G/B  A7
Just below is the cabin home of a little girl of mine.

     D      Em7       D    G     D     B7              F#m
Her name is June and very, very soon, she'll belong to me

D    F#m        D                      E                     A  Em7  A7
For I know she's waiting there for me, 'neath that lone pine tree.

A7/6 A7   D         F#m              E
 In  the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia,

        A           Em7  A7    D  G  D
On the Trail of the Lonesome Pine,

A7/6 A7  D        B7         E    Cdim   E7
 In the pale moonshine, our hearts en - twine

Bm7-5  A   Em7       A    G/B A7 Em7    A7
Where she carved her name and I carved mine.

      D  Am7         D         Am7 D7
Oh, June,   like the mountains I'm blue;

         G    G/F#      Em7          F#
Like the pine,    I am lonesome for you.

A7 Em7   D        Bm               E
In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia,

Cdim     A   G/B    A7  Edim  D
on the Trail of the Lonesome Pine 

This one has been requested numerous times, by numerous visitors over the years. I blew off the request every time, because I didn't think it fit the "pop standards" criteria that I try to focus on for this site. And I still don't think it fits, but I'm putting it up anyway, because the more I heard the recording, the more I liked it. The fact that it was the comedy team of Laurel and Hardy that recorded it only added to the unlikely appeal.

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