The Trouble With Hello Is Goodbye

Words & Music by Allen Bergman, Marilyn Bergman & Dave Grusin
Recorded by Sergio Mendes, 197

    D                   Gdim
We wandered through the summertime

    Edim          D
And drifted into fall;

   Bm               Bm7/E D      G     Edim
We never thought of win - ter at all.

     F#m          C#7
How foolishly we tossed away

    B7               E
The buttercups, the time --

Who'd have thought

     G#7          C#m
We'd have no more songs to sing,

D9        E7
Hills to climb?

    D                 Gdim
We summered in each other's arms

    Edim              D
And slumbered in the glow;

   Bm               Bm7/E  D      G   Gm
We never heard the whisper   of snow.

    G/B               Am7 A7sus4  Am7
But summer's not for - ev - er - more,

   B7    Cdim    C    
No matter how we try --

     D      F#m   G   Gdim  A7    D
The trouble with hello is  good - bye.

There may be a valid question here as to whether this one qualifies as a "pop standard" in that it has been seldom recorded, and has yet to achieve significant chart status. Still, it's a gorgeous song, and deserving of being here on its own merits.

Thanks to Fiel O. Santos for the suggestion, and for helping me to locate an audio source from which to transcribe.

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