Trust In Me

Words & Music by Ned Wever, Milton Ager & Jean Schwartz
Recorded by Eddie Fisher, 1952

 D6      D     F#m     Em7
Trust in me in all you do;

 G9      Edim    Cdim    Em7    
Have the faith I have in you.

G9       Edim    Cdim        
Love will see us through

   A   Em7  A7  D       B7   Em7  G/B  A7
If on - ly you trust in me.

D6      D        F#m     Em7
Come to me when things go wrong

G9      Edim    Cdim     Em7    
Cling to me and I'll be strong

G9     Edim Cdim  A   Em7  A7    Edim     G   D
We can get along, as long you'll trust in me.


  D    F#m   D7/9  G       A
While there's a   moon on high,

  A    A9     A   D     Bm
While there's a bird to fly

 D     D6     D Em7     G
While there's a you and I

Em  Em6 Em  Bm Bm7/E A7/6 A7
You can be sure  I   love you

D6      D       F#m     Em7
Stand beside me all the while

G9      Edim    Cdim    Em7    
Face the future with a smile

G9      Edim    Cdim      A    Em7 A7  D             
Trust in me and I'll be worth - y  of you.

*Researching versions on this one can be an interesting study. Numerous versions came out within a relatively short time of one another (as was so often the case with the pop standards.) However, Fisher's exemplifies the pop standard style; Patti Page recorded one that was a foreshadowing of the early rock-era ballad; and Etta James had one that was a bit of a crossover between rock-era ballad and R&B.

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