Two For The Road

Words & Music by Leslie Bricusse & Henry Mancini
Recorded by Henry Mancini, 1973
From the 1967 movie by the same name

E7        Cdim       CM7         Cm7-5
If you're feel - ing fancy free,

     Gdim    Edim        Bm9       Bm7/E
Come wonder through the world with me.

    G   G/F#      Edim     A7 
And any place we chance to be 

    Em7 Edim Dsus4  D    DM7
Will be our  ren - dez - vous. 

D7 D7sus4  D7  Bm        F#7   C#m7-5     Bm
Two  for  the road we'll travel down the years, 

      F#7       C#m7-5       G6         G/B
Col - lec - ting pre - cious mem - o - ries.

     E7-9      Bm7-5       Am      Am+7
Se - lec - ting sou - ve - nirs 

    E7    Dm7  E7  Dm  Am  E7   A
And liv - ing life the way we please. 

E7           Cdim     CM7            Cm7-5
In sum - mer time the sun will shine,

   Edim      Gdim        Bm9       Bm7/E
In win - ter we'll drink sum - mer wine.

    G        G/F#    Edim      A7 
And ev' - ry day that you are mine 

Em7 Edim  Dsus4      D  DM7
Will be a love - ly day. 

D7 D7sus4 D7  G9        G/F#    Gdim   
As  long  as love still wears a smile,

A7 Dalt      Bm       Em          Edim
I  know that we'll be two for the road,

G    D     G  Em7  A7+5  D
And that's a long, long while. 

*Suggested by a recent visitor (Carl with the famous last name) who also provided lyrics and an audio source from which I could transcribe this chart -- and whose original e-mail I subsequently misplaced, so I can't credit him as fully as e deserves.

This particular chart borrows heavily from the slightly more pensive 1996 version recorded by Nancy LaMott.

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