Underneath The Arches

Words & Music by Bud Flannigan, 1931
Recorded by The Andrews Sisters, 1948

D9    A7+5    Fdim   D9 
Underneath the ar - ches,     

   G        Fdim    B7   C7   B7
I dream my dreams away;

G          Cdim     E7/9   E
Un - der - neath the ar - ches 

A7 Em7         Edim      D
On cob - ble - stones I lay.

D     Bm7-5         C   B7
Ev'ry night you'll find me 

 C       B7      E7/9
Tir - ed out and worn;

E7    Bm7-5   Cdim    E7   Bm7-5  Cdim    E7
Happy when the day - light comes creep - ing, 

A7          Em7 A7  A7/9
Her - ald - ing the dawn.

D9        A7+5     Fdim   D9
Sleeping when it's rain - ing 

     G       Fdim       B7   C7   B7
And sleeping when it's fine,

 G/B    A7     Em7 A7  Gdim  F#7
Trains ratt - ling by   a - bove.

 B7     Cdim   B7
Pavement is my pillow 

  Cdim         B7      E7
No mat - ter where I stray.

Fdim                 A7
Un - der - neath the ar - ches, 

   G    A7   E7   A7   D
I dream my dreams a - way.

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