Waitin' For the Train To Come In

Words & Music by Martin Block & Sunny Skylar
Recorded by Peggy Lee, 1945 (#4)

 D         Bm      Edim     A7/9 D
Wait - in' for the train to come in,

 E7       Bm7-5    E7   Bm7-5  E7
Wait - in' for my man to come home.

      A         Em7       A       Fdim      A     Em7   A7
I've coun - ted ev' - ry min - ute of each live - long day;

 B7    Bm7-5       Cdim     Bm7-5    G/B       A
Been so mel - an - chol - y since he went a - way.

      D     Bm         Edim        A7/9  D
I've shed a mil - lion tear - drops or  more

E7        Bm7-5    E7   Bm7-5  E7
Wait - in' for the one I  a - dore;

     G5              G5/F#            G/B          Fdim
I'm wait - in' in the de - pot by the rail - road track,

 D6        F#m      Bm       Bm7/E       Em7   Cdim  A7
Look - in' for the choo-choo train that brings him  back.

     D         Bm     Edim   A7/9   D   F#7   B7
I'm wait - in' for my life to be - gin,

E7/9              A6/7/9  G/B A7/9  D
Wait - in' for the train  to  come in.

Transcribed by Ron Hontz (Ronhontz@att.net) and also suggested by him, and based on an audio source he provided -- in short, I guess you could say this whole chart is pretty much his fault. (That's a joke, folks...okay?) Recorded by with backing of husband Dave Barbour's orchestra, Lee's version narrowly out-performed competing versions by Harry James (#6) and Johnny Long (#7).

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