Walkin' My Baby Back Home

Words & Music by Roy Turk & Fred Ahlert, 1930
Recorded by Nat 'King' Cole, 1952* (#8)

A          A6         C#m7       F#m
Gee, it's great after bein' out late

AM7        F#m       F#7
Walkin' my baby back home;

Bm7-5    E7      Bm7-5       E7
Arm   in arm over meadow and farm,

Bm7-5      E7         A   Edim  E7
Walkin' my baby back home.

A       A6      C#m7      F#m
We go along harmonizing a song,

AM7      F#m       F#7
Or I'm recitin' a poem

Bm7-5   E7          Bm7-5       E7
Owls go by and they give me the eye

Bm7-5      E7         A   AM7
Walkin' my baby back home.


   C#m                    F#7 
We stop for a while, she gives me a smile

    F#m                      G#7
And snuggles her head on my chest;

    C#m                 F#7
We start in to pet and that's when I get

Bm7             E7
Her talcum all over my vest.

A     A6       C#m7         F#m
After I kinda straighten my tie,

AM7        F#m       F#7
She has to borrow my comb;

Bm7-5     E7      Bm7-5   E7
One kiss then I continue again

Bm7-5       E7        A     AM7
Walkin' my baby back home.

(Instrumental Interlude - 1 Verse)

Bridge 2:

       C#m                 F#7
She's 'fraid of the dark so I have to park

   F#m                        G#7
Outside of her door till it's light

    C#m              F#7
She says if I try to kiss her she'll cry

B7              E7
I dry her tears all through the night

A        A6       C#m7      F#m
Hand in hand to a barbecue stand,

AM7             F#m       F#7
Right from her doorway we roam;

Bm7-5    E7          Bm7-5      E7
Eats and then it's a pleasure again,

Bm7-5       E7  C#m7-5      F#7
Walkin' my baby, talkin' my baby,

Bm7-5      E7  C#m7-5        F#7
Lovin' my baby, I don't mean maybe,

Bm7-5      E7   D9    A
Walkin' my baby back home

* This is another of those songs that has seemed to hit the pop charts decade after decade. It charted in 1931 by Nick Lucas (#8), Ted Weems (also #8), the Charleston Chasers (#15), and Lee Morse (#18). It charted again in 1952 by Johnnie Ray at #4. (Lyric transcription and history by Ron Hontz.)

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