Words & Music by Jack Fulton & Lois Steele
Recorded by Perry Como, 1954 (#1)

D       DM7             Bm         Bm7/A
Wanted,     someone who kissed me

             G        G/F#                G/B    Em7
And held me closely,       then stole my heart;

G      G/F#           G/E     Gdim
Wanted,    someone I trusted,

            G/B      A7  A7+5       D
Who gave no warning      we'd ever part.


         Gm7      Gdim         Bm7              Bm7/A
She was last seen       hiding out in someone's arms;

         G      G/F#       G/B   A7+5      A7
He knew nothing     of the danger in her charms.

   D   DM7             Bm      Bm7/A
A jury    may find her guilty,

          G        G/F#           Gdim   Edim
But I'd forgive her    if I could see

         D          DM7           G       Gdim
A signed confession that she's repented

            Em7   A7         D
And really wanted no one but me.

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